Japan Mini-Series #2: Things I Found Helpful

Misconceptions about Japan: Cost of Living

Last week I wrote about “Culture Shock” and I also touched very briefly on the subject of “Reverse Culture Shock” when moving to a foreign culture. These are two very big points when moving to travelling internationally, and the one thing people can do to make sure they are as well prepared as they could be is to educate themselves. In preparation for visiting Japan this summer, I’ve spent the last 6 months researching language and culture so I have an idea of what to expect and what I’m walking into, but it doesn’t stop there. Eventually I’m planning top apply to and be accepted into the JET programme. In order to give you a basic idea of the things I’m going top have to juggle when it comes time to look into things for this, I figured I’d knock out one of the many misconceptions about Japan: Cost of Living

The information I’ve gathered here for you is drawn from people who’ve moved to Japan to live or have previously lived in Japan. I utilize personal experience of others who’ve (once again) gone before me in order to broaden my own understanding of that which I hold dear. Today I bring you a video from Jessica Roh, Former ALT (Assisstant Language Teacher) of the JET Program. She lived in Japan for a year before returning to Calgary, Alberta.

While in Japan, Jessica was stationed in Kyoto City (One of the biggest cities in Japan). She gained a myriad of cross-cultural knowledge while abroad. I highly recommend checking out her Youtube channel. I’m also linking to another Youtube channel’s videos from “That Japanese Man Yuta” for comparison.

Other individuals I’d recommend are Abroad in Japan, Caradventures, Rachel & Jun, Texan in Tokyo (No longer producing content, but the channel is still up) and Only In Japan. Links for these channels will be listed after the feature videos.


Abroad in Japan
Jessica Roh
Rachel & Jun
Texan in Tokyo (No longer producing content)

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