Japan Mini-Series #3: Things I Found Helpful – Minimalism

Minimalist Packing.

Greetings once again, fellow travelers.

I’ve been doing a bit of thinking lately about how I’m going to be travelling to and from Japan (you know, what I’m going to be taking with me, how I’m going to be flying, what all I’m taking with me), and I’ve come to one simple conclusion: Minimalist packing seems to be the way to go. There are a few reasons that I’ve chosen to go this route as opposed to how I normally travel (Loaded to the brim with things I think I’ll need).

  • I’m going to be doing a lot of walking while I’m in Japan. I really don’t want to be carrying a lot of luggage around with me from place to place.
  • Packing light (packing in my carry on’s only) means I will be able to get up and go when the plane lands instead of sitting around waiting for the conveyor belt to spew out my luggage.
  • A lot of the things I’d be bringing in huge suitcases would be more along the lines of creature comforts and would most likely distract me from why I’m there. They would encourage me to stay indoors instead of being out and about, exploring a brand new country and continent.
  • Minimalist traveling seems to be the norm when going to Japan, and there’s a growing trend that ties towards minimalist travel, but also living. This could inspire healthier changes in my life outside of just my traveling life.

This means a few things. I won’t have a lot of space to bring things back, so I’d either have to purchase another luggage piece while I’m in Japan, or I’d have to mail things back home while I’m abroad.  It also means I’ll be less likely to leave something behind, as I can easily inventory what I’ve brought with me and keep a handy list. I’m known for losing things on trips. This might be something that works for me.

As is natural for me, I’ve been doing a fair bit of looking into this, to see exactly what minimalist travel would take, especially as a fledgling vlogger and blogger, and I’ve decided that  I very much like the way it looks.

I’m going to leave you with a video to show you just how crisp, clean and neat this looks.

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