Travel Blog – Japan Itinerary Update, Final Draft

Late last year, I posted an itinerary for my trip to Japan on my blog. I thought it might be time to give an update, now that time is quickly drawing close for me to head out.

Things have been rearranged slightly in order to accommodate a climb of Mount Fuji to watch the sunrise from the top. On top of my itinerary, I’m wanting to leave you with a list of things I’ll be wanting to do while I’m in Japan.  I have it planned out so that I know what cities I’ll be in on which days, but I don’t have specific days planned out in order to be a little more flexible and give myself the ability to adjust based on how tired I am on those days.

Photo by on Unsplash

Photo by on Unsplash

I’ve built a kind of guide map on google maps which I will be using to pick out places I want to visit while in the field in August. I’ve got locations colour coded based on how easy I think it will be to visit certain places in the same day. You can find the link to my map here.

The idea behind this is to be as transparent as possible during the planning stage of this, to show what I’ve done and how I’ve done it in hopes of learning from my own experiences while giving others the ability to offer input on my methods of madness.

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Outdoor Office

My Itinerary for Destination Japan: August 14th to August 31st 2018:

August 14th to 15th:
Fly day. I fly from Edmonton to Denver to Narita Airport in Tokyo. I land in Tokyo at 1530 local time.

August 15th to 20th:

August 20th to 21st:

August 21st to 23rd:

August 23rd to 27th:
Mishima (Base of Mount Fuji)

August 27th to 28th
Ito Onsen

August 28th to 31:

August 31:
I fly from Narita airport in Tokyo to San Jose to Denver to Edmonton. Fly day. I land in Edmonton around 2300.



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