Blaze-in’ The Trails to Major Personal Life Changes

This is going to be a mixed blog post. This will most likely be a blog post where I talk about a few different things, as I feel like I’ve got a lot to talk about today. I find myself at a crossroads between wanting a healthier and happier life and I also find myself at a point where staying put in one spot just isn’t enough anymore. This is the reason I’m pushing so hard to go digital in my line of work.

In preparation for my upcoming trip to Japan and my future journalism career, I’ve started branching out the streaming platforms in order to help facilitate getting news and updates to people as I go along the way. I think my platform for mobile travel will be Facebook live and Periscope. They both seem fairly well-integrated streaming systems. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to start testing these platforms out for my purposes. I’ll be looking into live updates on location, interesting information tidbits that I’ve researched about the locations that I’ll be in, and a way to keep in touch with viewers and readers. Upon opening the app this morning, the first thing I noticed was the loading page on Periscope says “Proudly made in America by Immigrants”. While I’m not normally a fan of politics, I appreciate the sentiment that this gives.

You’ll be able to find my broadcasting platforms in the following places
Periscope: @Blazewing2010

Now onto the more difficult part of the post. Over the last day or two, I’ve been downsizing my belongings.  I’ve been purging and decluttering my part of the living space and it’s been taking a lot out of me. I’ve been unable to do much of anything else. It almost physically hurts, but not quite. I’d never realized I’d formed an emotional attachment to things I’d not used in more than six months. Nothing is being spared from this massive cleaning storm. Every item I own: Books, toys, plushies, clothes, all of it is being put under the microscope and examined in detail. If I cannot find a compelling enough reason to keep it, it’s either being packed up to see if I can make do without it, or it’s going into the trash or being recycled/donated. With my upcoming career objectives, I feel that the less that I have to pack up or leave behind when I’m on the go will make it easier for a clean break when I finally end up making it.

Due to recent financial setbacks, I’ve also had to pull my car off the road. This was not an easy decision to make, but I’m slowly adjusting. Once I’m done going through the apartment, I’m going to be going through the car and cleaning that as well. I don’t think at this point that I want to sell it, but I know that at the moment, I cannot afford the car insurance. Since my schooling covers a bus pass in the tuition and fees, I’m going back to transit for the time being in an effort to cut down my costs. With any luck, this will give me a few more bucks for Japan, and it’ll allow me to pay off my credit cards quicker in order to help facilitate a trip back home to Nova Scotia before I have to resign my position at work in order to focus full time on my studies and limit myself (relatively) to the city for the next little bit. I’ve enjoyed the freedom, but at this point, I feel like I’ve sacrificed way too much for my schooling and education to let much of anything disrupt it. The added bonus to this is that it will also allow me a little more time to devote to things like my writing/journalism and my glass etching as well.

Things are changing in my life in a way I’d never thought possible before. it’s possible that I just wasn’t ready for these things to happen, but holy hell. I’m not sure I’m ready for them now. Life is funny sometimes. It kind of throws you through the wringer, demands changes, and before you know it, your whole life has changed for the better. One change can impact your whole life and the way you function.

If you’d like to help me kickstart this chapter in my life and help support me doing what I love and what I’m currently in school to do, you can find links on this page for my Patreon, my Paypal donate button, and more recently, a link to my Ko-Fi account where you can pledge to donate the amount of as many coffees as you’d like.

Thanks for sticking it out with me this long, folks. Just under two months until the inaugural voyage of Blaze-in’ The Trails takes off with a course set for Japan.

See you all on the trails, and as always, thanks for all of your support, thanks for reading, and thanks for all that you do.

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