Thoughts as I leave Japan.

Greetings Boils, Ghouls, and other assorted monsters.

This will not be the only blog or project I do on my experiences in Japan, so prepare for that.

I find myself in tears today as I’m on the Narita Express back to Narita Airport to fly home. I’m finding it extremely hard to tear myself away. I find that instead of returning home with a soul full of joy at some amazing memories, I’m sad that they’ve come to an end for now. I don’t feel like I’ve wasted any part of this trip, but I do feel like there is so much more than I could have done. Unfortunately, that would have meant pushing myself at a level I was uncomfortable with in this heat and humidity.
I watch the cityscape pass by outside my window and realize that soon enough, it will all be but a memory. I always despise this part of traveling, but it’s amazing to see new people, new places and consider new ideas and ways of doing things, even if just for a moment.
Japan: I swear to you that I will be back. This has not quenched my obsession with this country, but it has only stoked the flames of a quickly burning fire. A quickly burning fire that is soon to consume every fiber of my being and light me up in a spectacular explosion.
I have finally stepped off the continent I was born on. I’ve taken a step I’ve long dreamed of. I’ve broadened my horizons just a little bit further. I’ve seen the world through the eyes of a foreigner, I’ve learned to adapt for a short time in a culture and society that aren’t my own, and I’ve learned to communicate both need and intent across the language barrier.

The only thing that I can think to say is that when I am finally done with my bachelor’s degree: Watch out, Planet Earth. Nowhere on the planet is out of bounds for me, having made this leap. Travel is live, travel is soul. Travel is why I was born. It is who I am, and it is in my blood.

Watch out world. I’m going to raise holy hell as I leave a fire trail in my wake. Blaze is Blaze-in’ The Trails once again. This is only one chapter in a very long travel blog. Join me on this journey as I refine my craft, write about what inspires me, and bring content from all over the world.

Chief Trailblazer, Blaze-in’ The Trails
Communications Student, Grant MacEwan University

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