Upcoming video project

Now that things have settled down and I’ve been slowly returning to my “everyday” life, I’ve been slowly starting to release pictures, media, and thoughts on my time in Japan. I also have a project in the works for my final project for Anthropology 398. I’m hoping to put out a 15-20 minute video which compares fandoms and subcultures in Canada to fandoms and subcultures in Japan, with a bit of a look into religion and spirituality in The Land of the Rising Sun.

Once I’ve got the video together, I will be uploading it to Patreon for all of my subscribers $10 and over. I’ll be looking into uploading a “teaser” for everyone else. I’m still playing around with this idea, but the goal is to have a video that looks at things from an anthropological journalism aspect that will highlight the kind of research I’ve been involved with over the summer. Thank you all for your patience. Your support does not go unnoticed, no matter if you fund the research, or just like and share the posts.

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